Welcome to the THINK Back Project!

Bench biology has been transformed through the recent development of high throughput techniques, which permit the scientist to perform thousands of experiments in parallel at low cost. But this has in turn caused interpretation of experimental results to become a bottleneck. This project uses computational techniques to glean biological knowledge from the literature and from public databases to address this challenge.

Knowledge-based interpretation of high throughput data

By taking into account prior biological knowledge, our techniques aim to improve the quality of hypotheses generated from high throughput data, such as microarray experiments, gene sequences and next generation sequences.

Some of the techniques that we use are summarized as follows:

Technique Description Biological Knowledge Source  
Gene Appearance Frequency Analysis Analyze the frequency in which genes appear in biological pathways. Biological Pathways more ...
Density Analysis Analyze the relative positions of differentially expressed genes within a pathway. Biological Pathways more ...