Model-driven Usable Systems for Information Querying

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Database researchers have striven to improve the capability of a database in terms of both performance and functionality. We believe that the usability of a database is as important as its capability. However, modern database systems are very difficult to use. In the MUSIQ (Model-driven Usable Systems for Information Querying) project, we address some of the challenges in making database systems more usable. In particular, our focus is on issues in the data modeal and database design, rather than in issues of graphical user interface design.

For an overview of the issues, please download Prof. Jagadish's keynote talk at SIGMOD 2007 and the accompanying paper, or watch the video. This work has been supported in part by NSF grants IIS 0741620 and IIS 1017296.



Graduate Students

  • Manish Singh
  • Fei Li
  • Nikita Bhutani


Publications (by topic)


  • Making Database Systems Usable. H.V. Jagadish, Adriane Chapman, Aaron Elkiss, Magesh Jayapandian, Yunyao Li, Arnab Nandi, and Cong Yu. In SIGMOD, 2007.

Direct Manipulation Querying of Database Systems

Natural Language Interfaces

Addressing Unknown Schema

Addressing Complex Schema

Answering Imprecise Queries

Managing Provenance

Musiq Form: Adaptive Form-Based Interfaces

Reducing the Burden in Data Organization

Visualizing Query Results

System Demonstrations

Usability Bibliography (by topic)


Visual Query Specification Interface

Form-based Query Interface

Overview for Keyword-based Search

Keyword Search for Relational Databases

Keyword Search for XML

Keyword-based Search for Spatial Databases/Workflows/Heterogeneous Databases

From Keyword Search to Standard Database Query

Natural Language Query over Databases

Query Relaxation

Query Recommendation/AutoCompletion Systems

Dealing with Complex Database Schema

Query Explanation

Database Personalization

Other Works on Database Usablity

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